Will My Little Girl Be A Leader?

My opinions on a lot of things have changed since I have been a Dad….

I don’t see the world through my eyes anymore. I have two wonderful kids who say things like: “why is it like this Daddy?” or “why can’t they do that Daddy?” I try to find answers for them and at the same time find the answers for myself.

One subject, in particular, has been on my mind recently. I have started to be an avid reader of the blogs in the Professional Women channel on LinkedIn. One of the reasons is that I write on behalf of a few female clients and want to understand their perspective, but the main reason is my 8-year-old daughter….

I want her to be able to achieve everything that she wants to in this world, and if my voice can help to make even the slightest bit of difference, then I must try my best to make what little difference I can.

I should admit that I am no expert on gender equality. Up to now, I have been a silent spectator to the debates that have raged on the comment feeds. I didn’t feel that I was qualified enough to get involved. I didn’t want to seem like “just another man, who doesn’t quite get it.”

That is my point. I don’t always get it, but I do so want to “get it.”

I need to get involved.

This understanding can only come through dialogue. When more men feel that they can get involved in the debate, it will truly take off. 80% of the bloggers on the Professional Women channel are exactly that – professional women debating amongst themselves. There needs to be a healthier gender balance in my view.

So, going back to my daughter. She is an intelligent and witty young lady, who is into coding and storytelling (like her Daddy) in equal measure. She knows her worth and never takes no for an answer. If there is a problem, she always finds her own solution. Her little brother follows her around like a little puppy, hanging on her every word. I would like to think that the world will be her oyster (never understood that phrase) when she is older, but there is a nagging worry that the old biases and stereotypes may not have been fully forgotten.

So, this blog is my flag in the turf. I need to add my (rather simple) voice to the debate. More men will be happier getting involved if there are more men out there initiating these sorts of discussions. I am not sure what I am going to write about, I am not sure how well it will be received, but if I don’t get involved, then I will be letting my daughter down.

As a loving parent (as many men are), I simply can’t allow myself to do that.

So, thanks for reading my first blog along these lines. I realize that I haven’t said much, but give me time. I want to make a difference, however small.


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