Why Do We Always Want More?

This was a “voice in my head” that I used to really struggle with.

I suspect that I was not alone in my thoughts, which is comforting, but that nagging thought of “ok then, what next?” somehow made me feel that little bit lonelier. I took it on myself to make that next step, I strived to get to that next level – and if I didn’t get there, it was down to me. Although I might have been doing it for the benefit (and with the support) of my family, they somehow remained my personal successes or failures. You can’t have the successes without the failures, but that doesn’t make the failures any easier to swallow.

You have to keep one eye on the big picture – there are black and white stripes along the journey. Perspective is crucial to keep you sane.

There is a certain buzz to knowing that you will always seek out the next challenge, but I used to get frustrated if I didn’t get exactly where I wanted to be. I now understand that it isn’t about the destination, it is about the journey.

Life without movement is a wasted life. Those of you who have read my blogs will know that not all of the movement in my life and career has been in the “right” direction, but at least I was moving. No matter what the direction, we learn more about ourselves when we are travelling.

Maybe this desire for more is just a spur to get us to move somewhere?

Sometimes it leads you in an entirely different direction to the original goal, but this is not always a bad thing. If you are not too specific with your dreams, this leaves you open to a realm of different possibilities. All sorts of avenues pop up that you might have discounted if you were set on a very specific goal.

Some of the best things in my life have happened while I was on the road to a certain destination, but when fate conspired to divert my path in a different direction. I may never have met my wife. I may never have worked in Russia. I may never have had children. I may never have started my writing career. All these things happened because I was moving in a certain direction, and I diverged from my path. None of them would have happened if I were standing still, content with my “lot.”

I wanted “more”, that gave me momentum, and that momentum ended up carrying me to a totally different place. That is somehow the way it works for me.

So, yes, wanting more is a good thing. As I have grown older, I have realized that the less specific you are about your “more”, the more magical things can happen, and the less frustrated you are because you are more open about the exact destination.

Just keep moving. Great things will happen.


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