Blogs are exclusively written by Paul Drury. Who is he?

LI face shotPaul is one of the most successful (and longest-serving) Blog Ghostwriters on LinkedIn – he writes on behalf of CEOs, Entrepreneurs, HR Directors and Recruitment MDs. More details can be found at

His personal blogs averaged 12,000 views in 2015, with excellent levels of engagement. While writing his 100+ blogs on the platform, he accumulated 39,000+ connections and followers. Many of these blogs are now available for republishing from An article comparing Paul to other top bloggers on the platform can be found here.

Now, alongside his ghostwriting work, Paul is writing all of his personal blogs at, so that a wide range of people are able to republish them. The content is not original, but the cost is not high. Better share someone else’s thoughts than none at all.

Thank you for considering our offering and we hope you enjoy the blogs!