Fishing For A Job: The Art Of Patience

If you have ever sat on the river bank waiting for that float to shiver, or for the bait alarm to sound, you will know the feeling of ultimate tranquillity. Sitting quietly, contemplating the ways of the world, waiting for a little ‘tiddler’ to bite, safe in the knowledge that you have done everything to ensure that there is every chance. You know that there are fish in the swim, it is the right time of day, you have the right bait and the right size of hook. When that bite does come, you are sure that you have the technique to bring the fish in, you have practiced many times before and the net is lying ready to sweep him in. Without all this preparation, tranquillity would be difficult.

If you do everything correctly, then the chances of catching a fish are high. But even so, it is hard, even for the most experienced of fishermen, not to hope for a bite after five minutes…. ok, ten minutes….. ok, maybe in the first hour? But what if the bite does not come for three hours? Are you committed? Will you stick to your guns and continue fishing the way that you always have – the way that has always produced in the end? Impatience is a destroyer of tranquillity……

Doubting yourself in the face of the unknown is one of the most basic of human instincts. Not knowing when the fish might curiously come up to nibble your bait, not knowing if there are any fish down there at all, in fact….. But you wait, and wait, and wait……

9 days out of 10 there will be a reward at the end of that line for those who stick to their guns, those who are true to their instincts and true to themselves. Those who don’t let the nagging drip-drip of impatience become a flood of frustration – they are the winners, and they are the ones who get the rewards at the end of a summer’s day on the river bank.

So, in your job search……
– Put your float in the right position
– Make sure that the bait is tasty
– Don’t expect immediate success
– Practice your technique to reel the fish in
– You never know what you might catch!
Stay tranquil and stay the course…


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