Why Do We Always Want More?

This was a “voice in my head” that I used to really struggle with.

I suspect that I was not alone in my thoughts, which is comforting, but that nagging thought of “ok then, what next?” somehow made me feel that little bit lonelier. I took it on myself to make that next step, I strived to get to that next Continue reading

Do Your Best And Beat The Rest

I was ten at the time. My grandmother (Nanny) on my father’s side was dying of cancer. She was an amazing lady, an accomplished concert pianist and the centre of any party with a larger than life personality. Their house (where my grandfather still lives) was always filled with music and laughter. Then, one Continue reading

Are You Ready? Does It Matter?

There is a first time for everything. There will be a second time for most things.

How much more interesting would life be if we were all a little braver? If we had more experiences to learn from? If every knock-back made us even more determined to better ourselves? Better to “walk the walk” and stumble every Continue reading

Want A Job? Write A Blog.

We all know that recruiters do the majority of their stalking on LinkedIn. They lurk in the shadows, often anonymously checking your profile, judging your digital persona clinically and dispassionately. “Worked here for a couple of years, did a few interesting projects, nothing too special to make him stand Continue reading