So, it’s like a stock photo site, but for blogs?

cropped-Paul-Writer-Picture.jpgWe all want to publish regular content that reflects who we are. However, for various reasons, often we don’t get around to producing anything. is the world’s first “stock” blog website, charging £3 per blog. Anyone (especially non-native speakers of English) can purchase the non-exclusive republishing rights to ANY of the blogs featured on The blogs are exclusively written by Blog Ghostwriter Paul Drury, the #8 most popular writer on LinkedIn in 2015. Examples of his previous personal LinkedIn work can be viewed here.

15 compelling new blogs are added to our archive every week. Individuals buy a subscription of 10 blogs, companies buy a subscription of 50 blogs.

Process: 1.) Purchase a subscription. 2.) Browse the website and find a blog that resonates with you. 3.) Email the blog code to: 4.) Paul will reply to confirm the individual (non-exclusive) publishing rights. 5.) Choose your own photo and publish!

But what if someone accuses me of plagiarism? There is a disclaimer at the bottom of each blog, which states that you have the right to republish the blog. It is important to be clear that you haven’t written it, but why shouldn’t you be able to share something that you enjoyed reading?

Won’t it affect my Google ranking as this is duplicate content? The blogs are not intended for your website. They can be used on LinkedIn, Facebook or Medium (as long as the disclaimer is included). Twitter may soon introduce long-form tweets. There are plenty of outlets that will not affect your website ranking.

Does LinkedIn care that the blog is not original? The blog will not be “featured” in a LinkedIn Pulse channel, but your connections and followers will still be notified that you have published. It is up to you to promote it!

To subscribe, and for further details of the process, please email: or write to us using the form below:

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